Iberoamerican Society of Radiological Safety of the Patient

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IBERSERADPA, the Society of Latin American Professionals Committed to Patient Radiological Safety

The Working Group, launched from the Bonn Call to Action, has been following the work of CIPRAM 2016,  ArequipaViena 2017  e IRPACUBA 2018. It was constituted in Malaga on November 2, 2017 as a professional society, determined to cooperate for the radiological safety of the patient for all Latin America.

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Second meeting of IBERSERADPA

Malaga, 1, 2 and 3 November 2018

Conferences in which we have participated:


The congress dealt with the development of a regulatory structure in Spanish-speaking countries. In-depth discussions were held with representatives of Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean on the role of technical cooperation in addressing the challenges of introducing new technologies, as well as in reviewing compliance with international requirements. The oral technical session included presentations on occupational radiological protection, biological effects of ionizing radiation, as well as nuclear emergencies, among other presentations. It was also possible to participate in five refresher courses: communication and risk in paediatric imaging; medical response in radiological emergencies and methods for assessing the radiological impact on the public.

Viena 2017: International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine

In Vienna we reviewed the objectives set in Bonn 2012. In particular, we discussed the actions implemented in line with the Bonn Call for Action, with special emphasis on:

  • Evaluation of the impact of the measures in the different member states.
  • Reinforcement of the radiological protection of the patient in global medicine taking into account the circumstances of each region.
  • Responding to challenges in diagnostic imaging and therapy modalities that were in an initial state five years ago.
  • Innovations and priorities related to radiation safety.
  • CIPRAM 2016

    The main objective of the Ibero-American Conference on Radiological Protection in Medicine CIPRaM 2016 was to verify progress in the implementation of the actions proposed in the Bonn Call for Proposals, identify problems and possible solutions, promote good practices and define indicators of progress in such actions. It was also an opportunity for us to exchange information and experience acquired in recent years in relation to radiation protection in medicine and to establish/strengthen cooperation ties between Latin American countries in this thematic area.

    Collaborate with the Society

    Promote patient safety in all radiological procedures Work towards the integration of professionals into multidisciplinary teams and the standardisation of radiological practices.

    The objectives of IBERSERADPA are:

    • Promoting patient safety in all radiological procedures
    • Working towards the integration of professionals into multidisciplinary teams and the standardisation of radiological practices.

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